iabner987 Jan 31, 17 11:45 AM

I wish I would've bought in earlier I bought in at @3.35 still holding its @5.00 now

ImBatman Jan 31, 17 11:49 AM

Okay now I really feel like an ass

FirstRedDay Jan 31, 17 12:33 PM

I bought 450 shares when it broke premarket highs @ $3.80, but it was a fake out breakout and I had to cut my losses. -$148

willmoto86 Jan 31, 17 12:43 PM

I saw it hit 4.99 once and should've sold then. Then when it dropped below 4.60 I started panicking but decided to ride it. Watching it too long decided to bail at 4.85 came out profitable but didn't want to get too greedy and shut my eyes for it to hit 5 again

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