@dux thanks for DVD dux. Your knowledge is mind blowing and the amount of knowledge you accumulated is phenomenal. How many hours did you use to put in in the early days for like first 6 months?

jameskar Feb 19, 18 4:16 PM

BTW, I watched your DVD twice and wrote down the notes. The criteria for each pattern you set are very helpful

dux Feb 25, 18 10:19 PM

thanks glad you liked it

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Cha_Ching Dec 04, 16 11:25 PM

I mean, on your screen you had 2 stocks, is that your usual setup or do you look more then that at a time?

Flyin777Trader Dec 05, 16 9:19 PM

Hey Arick. Another great video, thank you! I really found this useful. As you said - it's "easy" to look at a chart at the end of the day and say "it was OBVIOUSLY going to do THIS HERE and that's why I chose to do THAT". Seeing what you were seeing LIVE and hearing your thoughts and strategy was priceless. Just don't do it while driving! ;-)

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[TimChallenge] shorted LPCN at the double top. made $70. puny profits. but the strategy and the data that I have been working on looks like can work. Feels good to test it.

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