Can any one suggest a broker that will allow me to short penny stocks with a low net worth but with a 6 figure income?

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MILLISTATUS Apr 13, 14 9:56 PM

I heard sure trader had some customer service issues,

MarcMunoz Apr 13, 14 10:23 PM

:Suretrader or internet brokers are the 2 best for shorting stocks

MarcMunoz Apr 13, 14 10:26 PM

BTW that's a really cute baby :)

MILLISTATUS Apr 14, 14 4:55 AM

Thanks, First little girl, Also thanks for the info on your website, really helpful info,,

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@lx21 welcomes you to their trader wall!

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pauljnarang Mar 09, 14 3:54 AM

CenterPoint Securities generally deals with only big-time traders. You are obviously one lx21.

az27 Mar 19, 14 4:32 PM

hi lx21, what do i need to do to follow your trades real-time, do you provide any trading signals service of any kind?

london555 Mar 26, 14 10:09 AM

Hello from Scottsdale!

bcb88 Mar 26, 14 4:13 PM

Shout out to the guy who used to build killer swings for a living! I love your story! I'd love to ask you a few questions...bcb88 is my id here.

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