Lesson learned. Do NOT try to short on the verge of a breakout. ESPECIALLY when it is a hot sector, and first day of run up. BUY the breakout, including end of the day break out. Straight out of Penny stocking part duex and I did not follow rules. Lesson learned, do not repeat.... ps good job on cutting losses

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Trading materials i recommend for being a good trader. 1) Investorlive DVD's 1&2 (Tandem Trader), this is one of the BEST DVD's i ever watched on trading and gives you more confidence. Learning how Nate builds his watch-list, what broker he uses, how to read charts and react to many situation in the markets If you have the $$$ i would for sure invest it here learning from Nate. 2) Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. This book is a must-read for anyone who desires to establish consistency in winning the trading game. If you just begun to trade or you are looking for something that is not another technical manual, this is your book. There is no technical jargon, but it is not a strategy or technical analysis book either. It will just explain why and how you can make money consistently and without fear on the markets. No magic there. He convinced me to think in terms of probabilities; and that it's not necessary for me to be right, only to be with the right of the market as a trader. 3) Stan Weinstein's Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets This is my far my favorite.. Book is easy reading and provides the fundamentals to safe-guarding your capital. This is the best book on trading techniques that I have ever read. It is based on how to do "stage analysis," that is, looking at charts to determine whether a stock is going up, topping, declining, or bottoming out. The author stresses using stage analysis not only on individual stocks, but also on industry sectors as well as indexes like the Dow and Nasdaq. Anyone doing trading should know the information in this book....it's very basic, Stan teaches the minimum you need to know for success. But it works, and the information is presented clearly in very readable, friendly prose. 4) Tim Sykes PennyStocking Part Deux PennyStocking Part Deux is STILL IMO Tim Sykes' best video produced so far. This is a great DVD set and is recommended viewing for any one wanting to trade PennyStocks. You just can’t find this information anywhere else. Tim really knows this niche inside out and back to front. • Some topics discussed in this DVD include: • More discussion of the breakout pattern • How breakouts play out • Various timeframes use various charting software. • Media newsletter pumps • Good odds to short sell into dumb money. • Boring Breakouts • Breakouts • Breaking Out • Playing out • Intraday patterns • More Intraday • Fades • Bounces • News bounces

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treeoflife Oct 13, 14 8:50 AM

Thank you very much indeed for your very valuable advice. Could I ask you what the first amount of your I account? I believe you will be so successful with your strategies and rules. Best wishes.

kalaokauai Nov 26, 14 9:21 AM

Thank you,, been looking for a book to help me. I will get it and see if It can help me,, I need it.lol and thank you for helping.

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Hi Gracie, I have a question for you, I live in Hawaii with the time change sometimes I scroll on the chat that I have missed just to see what's talked about. I noticed that you seen and mentioned the NFEC b/o.... Can you please tell me how you found that?@Gracie thank you! Amber

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Gracie Jun 03, 14 12:48 PM

Hi Amber. I belong to another chat/subscription. But he also tweets his recommendations -- follow #buysellshort on twitter

kalaokauai Jun 03, 14 1:22 PM

Oh awesome thank you so much I appreciate it! Have a great day! Aloha

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