AZbaer Jul 10, 17 3:17 PM

I was wayching this stock, there was some news bits. PPHM is in danger of being delisted. Idumped it before the downward spike (was in a buy trade). Hindsite, i wish i would stayed in the trade. it

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Nathan_casey Jun 26, 17 10:11 AM

TOS paper trading is weird sometimes

Skiwi Jun 26, 17 10:19 AM

TOS paper trading is lying sometimes, they execute your orders based on real time prices and not the delayed 20 min price

Skiwi Jun 26, 17 10:20 AM

You can try it by following a stock that is falling, let's say on 20 min delayed it's price is 5$ and real time is 3$, place a buy order at 3$ and it will be executed which sucks

musthavefaith Jun 26, 17 11:24 AM

Yeah its seems messed up, i just had a stop loss execute when the market still says .30 higher then my stop loss. I asked to be put on real time so until then just pencil and paper i guess.

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RBI Jun 22, 17 11:56 AM

Depends on what stock, the price action, etc. Sometimes you don't get filled if the price is moving fast or if it's an OTC. Also, obviously, Tim is right, never use market orders. You will get a fill where you do NOT expect and it'll kill you.

aidan222sharpe Jun 22, 17 12:01 PM

virtual takes years to fill, I've experienced this on TOS

musthavefaith Jun 22, 17 1:08 PM

Thats what i am on is TOS, thanks guys just a learning curve i suppose

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wannabestocktrader Jun 21, 17 5:56 PM

Avoid using market orders because you can't control the price range they will get executed. Any price volatility can result in you getting filled at an undesirable level. Stop losses can be seen by market makers, and they can get "cleared" on a price drop quite easily if they are set too tight, so you have to be really careful using them. They can be useful, but it's something you as a trader have to decide if they are right for youi or not.

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raestrong Jun 13, 17 2:03 PM

its a great live market screener. It sets key presets to the correct stocks to trade. Like Kingston stock said, there's no pre or aftermarket data. But if you're looking for a strong stock to trade on the fly this is a great, free screener.

BirdsAreWild Jun 14, 17 5:41 AM

I think that FinViz is a great screener for the price of free. Of course you must still do your due diligence and check other sources for info on the tickers that come up on your FinViz screeners.

musthavefaith Jun 20, 17 7:32 AM

Thanks guys, very new i have been reading, reading and reading and i really need to just do something. LOL

Kingstonstock85 Jun 20, 17 7:54 AM

No you don't. Just sit and learn. You'll known when you are ready

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musthavefaith Mar 14, 17 7:04 AM

Thanks everyone, i did open a thinkorswim yesterday so i will play around with those tools etc. Krystal i will also be starting with a small account and enjoyed your blog posts!

cwood Mar 18, 17 9:47 AM

@musthavefaith Make sure you email TDA and ask for real time quotes, otherwise your quotes will be delayed but your orders will fill at real time prices

sealwg Mar 18, 17 12:57 PM

And I can attest to the destructiveness of that reality...I didn't know this, and my first trade saw me ask 1.75, on a 1.11 position, which sold at 1.55....a 25 cent difference in my ask, and the fill price of the ask...

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