Fox_Technicals Dec 02, 15 1:36 AM

Welcome! I wouldn't consider my self experienced but Im always interested in bouncing ideas off of other traders. How long are you looking to play this one? Could be a good one for day trading options but looks like more bearishness with a dead cat bounce on the weekly chart

49thStateTrader Dec 02, 15 2:11 AM

Once I looked at the weekly and 200 day chart I got a little scared away. I may end up paper trading it. I've watched about 300 of Tim's videos on YouTube so I was trying to compare to some of the things I have learned. I do not have a margin account yet. If I did I was thinking day trade by shorting when it peaked.

PWNwallstreet Dec 02, 15 3:49 AM

If you plan on holding SCTY, would buy 1/4 of my postion now.

omega_trader Dec 02, 15 6:17 AM

ya, it looks like it can increase a little higher for tomorrow since i read the press just to open another operation which is a good sign

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