@kroyrunner HI Tim I am trying to start again with some initial loss and a break. Which broker would you recommend for starting with $1k?

mattjones Oct 21, 16 11:17 AM

Bro you can start with as little or as much as you want. It may take a little longer to grow your account, but don't worry about that. Just study, take your time while trading, and learn from those mistakes you made in the past. Tim only started with $1500 in his account.

Dragonrider Oct 31, 16 7:22 PM

Proceed with caution. I use Etrade and I am very happy with them. They are better than Scottrade and TD Ameritrade, both of whom I have had accounts with in the past. I short sell mainly so I need a minimum balance of $2,000 to have a margin account. Best of luck. Before you put cash on the line do 50 paper trades and write down everything about them (price, volume, risk/reward, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. What time would the best trade have happened and why (catalyst, support, resistance), what d

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