anderton88 May 24, 18 5:54 AM

Whats the statistical edge of this indicator versus RSI or MA cross?

rivera1632 May 24, 18 9:03 AM

@anderton88 The Daily chart with the EMA and the SMAs shows me if the price action will hit any resistance and/or support. I use this in the morning to see the stock is even worth putting on the watchlist.

rivera1632 May 24, 18 9:05 AM

@anderton88 After that, I use the 1min and the 5min for intraday plays. The 1min is used to base my entry and the 5 min is too see when to get out. The 5min helps with eliminating all the 1min noise. I use the VWAP to see if I should be long or short depending on if the price action is above or below. Last, the 9EMA and the 20EMA is for the MA cross over. You'll see arrows on the chart when the EMAs cross.

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Jules Mar 29, 16 2:02 PM

@rivera1632 HOD - 1.71, LOD -1.60. I would have gotten in if AND when it broke HOD ! Seeking HOD may be easier seen on the one minute. Because your trying to determine that quickly. Within first few minutes. Then once entered you can use both 5 min and one min to follow and exit. I would have exited on the 5 min 2.22 where it started to plateau.

rivera1632 Mar 29, 16 2:07 PM

@Jules Sorry, I gave you a bad example of two green candles at the open. Nonetheless, I appreciate your comments. They are extremely helpful! Thanks for your help!

TnC Jan 01, 17 9:57 PM

Your videos are very well done! Hope you do more of them, thank you so much! All the best to you in 2017 :)

dinosaurcam Feb 03, 17 3:49 PM

WOW! this was great thank you!!!

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[TimAlerts] $PBR was a swing play look at his watchlist you can see why he is in when he wanted in it was a solid play not everything jumps that is why we swing. Same as my SUNE plays or CXRX and $ITMSF


[TimAlerts] $PBR Why focus so much on it when the range is not too much? Today was a decent range. However, if you have a big account, then scalping could potentially work up some decent profits. IMO.

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