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TriforceTrader Jan 08, 17 10:51 AM

You do realize that the could and RSI are my thing right? Not Tim Sykes. But thanks for giving credit where credit is no do.

knox Jan 08, 17 3:25 PM

@TriforceTrader Actually it is Tim who deserves all the credit. Tim is an amazing trader with all kinds of lessons about indicators including RSI. Thanks to Tim i was able to use RSI and buy TCW.V @ sub $2

wahooball Jan 08, 17 3:29 PM

If rsi determines the price you buy a stock, you shouldnt be trading. Good luck.

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[SuperAlerts] The other rarity in the current market environment is the VIX which marked 9 days of consecutive decline. The accomplishment? Gap filled and the 200MA tagged:


[SuperAlerts] There was one case in 2009 that produced a further rally, but it was in context of central bank intervention. In fact, the first NYMO spike in 2009 produced new lows later


[SuperAlerts] t’s OPEX so buy the next pullback, say into the 50MA and just ride the inevitable train higher. Case in point here would be the YM:


[SuperAlerts] Bull Hypo: We have a double bottom, a W, weekly MACDs are turning, bears couldn’t even get to October 2014 lows, the Fed won’t raise rates, buybacks will remain the marginal buyer, positive seasonality is coming. And looking at the weekly charts of SPX and RUT for example I can see the the argument


[SuperAlerts] NYMO was above 87, NYSI over 1000, seasonality coming into play, VIX lower gap fill

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