Entry comments: Bitcoin hit new highs over the weekend, BTCS usually follows. Wanted to get in < .145, looking for .16 today as bitcoin holds during the day. Not looking too great, maybe the pattern is playing out, but I'm holding this all day, possibly overnight if bitcoin holds over $6k today.

Exit comments: Very frustrating trade. The trade was essentially a sympathy play on the price of bitcoin to BTCS, which was the only stock that seemed volatile enough to follow. BTC is up to 6300, about to break to a new high, and this isn't budging; going the wrong direction. Waited in the morning to see how it would perform, finally got out when the price action was going nowhere. Biggish loss on a big position, worth the shot in my mind, but back to the drawing board.


  • Total Views201
  • Position Size12,500
  • Percentage-8.04%
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punkangelOct 31, 17 10:14 AM

I had patience all day yesterday, but no patience, this morning. Still would have lost money, but could've had a better exit, lol.

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