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josetenorio Mar 24, 8:19 PM

Good lesson and good advice's on this Corona Virus, some people just don't get it or don't want to get it.

tayhaoxia May 18, 4:57 AM

its a process i need to be around to see what i can do two three years into the future its a marathon not a sprint. Need to understand the patterns in and out in order to tak advantage

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Windwalzer Mar 14, 6:26 PM

Thank you for all your teachings. I did ask on one of the comments about how you warn us about short selling as a newbie and yet all the old DVDs are about short selling. I did figure it had to be the change in the market because most of the DVDs are from 2007 to 2015 when that was the type of the market you had to play. Adapt to the market, rule #1 CUT LOSSES QUICKLY!.

Kauai2020 Mar 14, 8:51 PM

I dont have any questions because it seems super intuitive! I see the patterns but too scared. And I do study!!!

tayhaoxia Mar 29, 8:13 AM

good to learn from the past but always need to know the current market conditions and patterns to play at the current time

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[TimAlerts] AYTU volume is really bad though so that is the problem but I would buy a small position just to see


[TimAlerts] AYTU is an OTC stock at .36 that went up .05 on Friday and they are presenting at a conference in NYC tomorrow so I'm considering buying a small position on speculation to see what happens


[TimAlerts] Lots of people lined up in Level 2 on AYTU- not very impressed with news, really.

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