JMooreMar 10, 8:57 AM

YouTube video of Sykes Hunger Games, please - lol

sephiroth3425Mar 10, 8:58 AM

Glad I got rid of Robinhood as soon as I could, their interface is poo water anyways and executions were always terrible.

vudaahMar 10, 8:59 AM

Graceful for your time and effort. Studying your DVDs whenever I'm not working. Sometime during work.

CamDoleMar 10, 9:05 AM

Thanks Tim, I WILL be dedicated.

PaulaNYCMar 10, 9:06 AM

Dedicated! Thanks for all your inspiration Tim!

PeachtartMar 10, 9:06 AM

Thanks Tim. I will not be lazy. Will keep learning.

RPhTraderMar 10, 9:07 AM

I will be dedicated. Continue to study

CrazyWillowsMar 10, 9:10 AM

Incredible video lesson thanks Tim. Insane when you put it into perspective how journey one goes on. I guess we all go on that journey but its the ones who want it the most that are prepared to be disciplined and study that achieve success in this game.

timothysykesMar 10, 9:12 AM

@CrazyWillows yesss, only big $ in the long run, people need to mae it through the short term studying to get there!

CosmoBhattMar 10, 9:12 AM

Valuable lessons... Thanks!

redredwine_12Mar 10, 9:12 AM

loved this video lesson... so much motivation, dont care what no one says but studying pays off!! 100%

RawsBussinMar 10, 9:13 AM

Next millionaire students in a couple of years!! Great video lesson, very dedicated.

AlexG305Mar 10, 9:15 AM

Hey Tim, is it possible to create a road map for your extensive library of lessons for new traders?

RakMar 10, 9:16 AM

I'm dedicated! I would love to be actively trading in this exciting market, but as a noob I've studied enough to know I don't know enough. I want to create self sufficient strategies by studying the content, listening to the Mentors and dissect how the winners win.

angelow99Mar 10, 9:19 AM

Dedicated and studying like vudaah when im working and at the house and watching your plays

ElleDianeMar 10, 9:21 AM

I am dedicated Tim!! Learning every day.

TessaLampingMar 10, 9:25 AM

Definitely dedicated! been studying a year for this. Finally live trading. was up .40 cents and trying to take profits on $AIM yesterday then software froze and ended up being down .50 cents. Had some great opportunities that ended the same way so talking with support to try and fix this.

the5numbersMar 10, 9:27 AM

I will be dedicated Thanks Tim

MMGolfMar 10, 9:31 AM

Tim, I started out trying to not be dedicated and chasing etc. I have totally changed my thoughts I was down $160k have now cut it to almost under $100k thanks to my new dedication and focus. I will continue to study and prepare. Even though I am studying I need to watch more video lessons!!!

therealmcdougalMar 10, 9:37 AM

I will be dedicated Tim! On vacation with my wife and baby but still trying to keep up and learn when I can this week. So glad you showed Grittani’s early Profitly stats because I lost $100 on $SPEX last Friday and held until close and stopped out but I was on the right track!

itsmarybethMar 10, 9:56 AM

I am dedicated and excited to study. It is very difficult to be on the sidelines watching such a great sector run. Preparing to paper trade, don't want to rush it.

DeMattia73Mar 10, 10:07 AM

Sticking with the studies

wraithMar 10, 10:10 AM

i will be dedicated

timcobraMar 10, 10:24 AM

Thanks Tim, I will be dedicated and see all your 6000+ lessons and learn from them

AndrooMar 10, 10:25 AM

Thank you Tim, very cool!

tortuga8202002Mar 10, 11:01 AM

Appreciate all your efforts! Learning and Dedicated!

MuddydirtMar 10, 11:07 AM

Awesome video... Seeing Tim G's early trades gives me confidence that I can learn if I study my ass off. I will be dedicated

MoonShotMar 10, 11:09 AM

Dedicated. Thanks Tim.

Kpow2020Mar 10, 11:12 AM

I am dedicated. I am not lazy. I study every day. Thanks Tim!

PebblesMar 10, 12:00 PM

Super dedicated...I’m studying everyday. I’m quiet but watching/learning/studying.

RoccoMar 10, 12:03 PM

Thank you for the encouragement and perspective Tim, staying dedicated

stjohnsprincessMar 10, 12:09 PM

Yes Tim...the truth is hard to hear sometimes but always needed...dedicated

manshell86Mar 10, 12:20 PM

Can't be lazy Tim, I even watch video while doing my bussiness in the restroom. Thanks for the lesson. And yes, do not use ROBINHOOD.

JKinkleMar 10, 12:54 PM

Putting in the time to learn ...

piscott0306Mar 10, 1:51 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

AnigaiMar 10, 2:31 PM

Yes I am a fuckin newbie like you say and while I'm not trading in this market I'm still profiting in the knowledge account which I'll be cashing in on later. Can never have too much knowledge and hopefully wisdom.

jaredricksMar 10, 2:32 PM

i will dedicated. Thanks Tim.

mwells1605Mar 10, 4:32 PM

Studying is the key, which i am Committed and dedicated. Continuing to Learn and studying should never stop. Back to school with you for a Career change. Thanks for your time in teaching!

HakpagMar 10, 4:39 PM

So dedicated its become an obsession! Newbie -watched all your YouTube videos 2 months saving money to join. Now studying several hours daily, saving $$ to start trading - TY!

DianaPelaezMar 10, 6:03 PM

I will be dedicated, I will be prepared, I will continue studying. Thanks Tim for the video!!!!

2TheMoonMar 10, 6:07 PM

Robinhood shut down again... lol yeah I learned that lesson for sure! but last couple days, already recovered some of my losses by being disciplined!

2TheMoonMar 10, 6:07 PM

I will be dedicated

rickramos3Mar 10, 6:10 PM

Dedicated. I'm up over 20K so far in the past 30 days and I just started the challenge mid January.

timothysykesMar 10, 6:10 PM

@2TheMoon lol yup Robinhood has been mostly down the past few days, everyone learning that "Free" costs you more in the long run

bdriesMar 10, 6:57 PM

I will be dedicated.

KarenBoughanMar 10, 7:40 PM

Thanks, Tim. Keep these great video lessons coming. Started in November. I’m a newbie not a moron. My Dad says another name for trader is “broke”. Plan to prove him wrong. I have watched all the DVD’s and am now watching all the video lessons starting at #1. My goal is to make up my losses and pay for this Challenge by the end of year 1. Or 2 haha. I listened to your webinar this morning but didn’t trade. I am studying my ass off (instead of over trading) and will Persevere.

AndraMar 10, 7:42 PM


TurnitMar 10, 8:07 PM

dedicated. Thanks Tim

pierre64Mar 10, 8:14 PM

I am dedicated to the process and a long road ahead. Thank you Tim.

HioSilvaAwayMar 10, 8:23 PM

Great lesson just listening studying and absorbing all I can-- no lazyness here

MikeySaghbiniMar 10, 8:30 PM

i was dedicated enough to quit my job to do this full time even when my family doubted me, i KNEW i could be successful trader. now im making far more money than i could at my old job. Its all clicking fast for me. I am staying conservative. thanks Tim you have no idea how much you have helped me.

KarolaCrawfordMar 10, 8:37 PM

8:30PM Still studying. I want to do this.

angelow99Mar 10, 9:00 PM

Each day with the dvd and this videos i feel more comfortable i haven’t been trading yet but i should be starting next week, also Tim i cant use the chat on the live webinar not sure if is because im using the phone to be able and watch it

PilloMar 10, 9:38 PM

Codx it’s going to hit 10,s at market opening!!, my position 30 shares @6.93

SurfinWavesMar 10, 10:24 PM

Still studying. I am not going to be lazy nor degenerate. Dedication is key. Thanks for the inspiring video lesson.

wildwesMar 10, 11:31 PM

I will be dedicated Thanks Tim

GooniesTrader81Mar 10, 11:52 PM

I will be dedicated and am dedicated. This is my third year. I've watched all 800 videos on dip buying plus others and it's starting to pay off.

jeffalleyMar 11, 12:12 AM

Thanks Tim! Dedicated

TradaleMar 11, 12:42 AM

Learning slowly but dedicated!

RChenMar 11, 12:46 AM

Dedicated. Thanks, Tim

TradingMamaMar 11, 1:07 AM

I will be dedicated! It's frustrating, though, that this is such a hot time and I am a tax accountant, working crazy long hours and not being able to study much right now, or trade much either.

BottrellMar 11, 7:51 AM

I will be dedicated. Thanks, Tim, for providing training worthy of my time, effort, & hard earned money!

kekotrader9Mar 11, 8:27 AM

Hi Tim!!! I am a pennystocking silver member since a month ago and I am really happy to have made the decision of joining it. I kicking my ass off every day for hours watching your videos. I am looking forward to save enough money to start trading, thanks for all your help!!!!

paintedhorseMar 11, 8:35 AM

I'm in and dedicated, still to chicken to jump in though, always seem to be a day late and a $ short lol

emilykearneyMar 11, 10:31 AM

I will not be lazy, I will be dedicated!

emintMar 11, 6:08 PM


emintMar 11, 6:09 PM

Studying hard

DarbsMar 11, 7:48 PM


nickfb31Mar 12, 6:42 AM

I am dedicated and after a dumb move yesterday with a hold and hope seeing what grattani did early helped my confidence because that looks like my trade journal right now as I am starting off

WindwalzerMar 12, 10:08 AM

Thank you. I am dedicated and studying my rear off, and loving it.

BatcatMar 12, 11:36 AM

Will be dedicated!

sergiomadrigal14Mar 12, 3:01 PM

Man, i needed to see this video. I lost $500 the other day. Amd i told myself that sucks but thats ok. For a beginner like myself, my gains are pretty good. $500 was my biggest loss but i know i can get it back and than some. I just got the penny stock book amd will continue to study and keep trying. I will definitely be dedicated.

JMaasMar 12, 9:20 PM


miller119Mar 13, 2:51 AM

i'm dedicated tim i'm just trying to learn as much as i can before i do live trading,you will see me soon,i do appreciate your hard work@timothysykes

Azad88Mar 13, 3:01 AM

Thank you for this video, I have never seen the real person like you and I have been studying about a year around the stock market, the only real I have seen is you, once again thank you for all your free videos.

MOKIMar 13, 9:14 AM

Thanks Tim, dedicated, learning and getting better every day.

AngeliqueSTLMar 13, 12:32 PM

2nd time I’ve watched this one. Great reference to Tim’s early trades. That helps massively and I’ll definitely look back over his historical trades

LangenMar 13, 12:52 PM

Dedicated. Want to come to the point where I can quit my job.

mjsmith21Mar 13, 5:52 PM

Being dedicated. Really wish I was feeling comfortable and able to trade during this hot sector but know I'm not ready for that and being patient while I continue to learn.

grmaandresMar 13, 11:15 PM

dedicated. Absolutely. 2nd time watching. Thanks for all your time and efforts for us.

zarazaMar 14, 6:00 AM

Thank You Tim. Dedicated.

Zen_ManMar 14, 11:40 AM

Thank you thank you for talking about Grottani. I was getting discouraged because I am a newbie and I'm not doing very well. Now I see it doesn't matter as long as I keep plugging away, watching video lessons and watching winners. I will win!

KDJourneyMar 14, 5:30 PM

Wow ~ Thank you Tim! Study and preparation are the prerequisites. Congrats to all on the winning traders!

PopcheezMar 14, 6:13 PM

I will continue to be dedicated!

stefano321Mar 15, 11:26 AM

I will be dedicated, thank you

sealwgMar 15, 10:52 PM

I am a aged, and dedicated after more than a year of studying and inching my way into this... I know it will pay off... I will stick with this until it does..

Daniel_CMar 16, 12:35 AM

Dedicated! Thanks Tim!

LWeisfeldMar 16, 2:08 AM

"The battle might not go to the strong, nor the race to the swift. But that's the way to bet."

drkpleasureMar 16, 8:44 AM

I am a newbie your lessons are great opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong in stock trading ! I will be dedicated ! Need to learn

gjbailey36Mar 16, 10:54 PM

Dedication it takes to do this gig....

VmisTMar 18, 5:15 PM

Dedicated like a mofo

HenryCraigMar 18, 8:38 PM

With time and effort, I can do better.

2grasleysMar 28, 3:12 PM

I will be a dedicated student, Thanks Tim!!

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