$295 profit SPEX Long Stock

Entry comments: Fast Coronavirus mover, goal is to make 5-10% as its run big and fast before, similar kind of price action now, very speculative

Exit comments: Scary stock, I'm out for small gains since it can't break wall of sellers at 2.05, potential rebuy on any big dip or breakout on high volume

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michael43 Mar 11, 2:58 PM

I’m still laughing how you mentioned “scary stock”...🤣

Windwalzer Mar 12, 2:22 PM

I see the volume increased around the time you entered/stock spiked, you had a resistance level from previous small spike? I'm feeling more comfortable looking at charts and a little better about the patterns I'm learning and being taught. Thank you so very much.

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Please congratulate this student: Binky2192:$2300 off $SPEX, my biggest gain of the year in @1.05 friday morning. 500 out at 3.40 and 338 out at 4.40. now i wish i waited for them damn 5's lol but grateful for my studying paying off, thanks TIM!!!!!!!!!

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