$SPEX went in on the dip at 2.04. Out at 2.27. 11% gain. Although very small gain on my very small position but I am just testing the waters right now. First green trade every for me after $350 loss in past month. The BAD: Only saw it when @timothysykes alerted it. Should've been able to spot it myself. Hadn't done any research about the stock and no info about this stock whatsoever. Good: Bought it at the morning dip. :) had a clear Risk/ Reward ratio in my mind. Thank you Tim for the motivation and all your lessons.

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lmonte70 Mar 13, 18 10:53 AM

Everything! So basically we're following the same stocks and manipulating the price based on news or a trend? I just find it odd that we're dumping money into securities with negative EPS and horrible fundamentals. But, it's okay since we're betting on price action right? On a side note, is this a bot?

neo_clicks_trade Mar 13, 18 11:05 AM

I am gonna Email about STT.

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$851 profit SPEX Long Stock

Entry comments: This former Supernova is spikng big premarket on news they're centering cyber security market using blockchain technology perfect kind of speculative news like PIXY the other day....small position though since it's not guaranteed but I got a nice dip off the premarket highs of 2.20 so my goal is for it to get back there today

Exit comments: Now 2.10 as I type this so maybe it goes more, but I'm happy with my single here, not going for home runs, just trying to take the meat of the move on speculative plays like this

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RyanAustin Mar 13, 18 9:16 AM

Etrade not allowing me to buy and sell pre-market :( Does TD Ameritrade allow this?

ffricash Mar 13, 18 11:22 AM

TY for the pre market entry notice. I was successful on a premarket entry at 1.92, then closed the trade at 2.23. nice 16% gain on a very conservative position of 300 shares. My first profit day in the Challenge. (Y)

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