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TinCup72 Sep 06, 19 10:53 AM

Thanks Tim great lesson

poohl7 Dec 18, 19 8:48 PM

in this lesson I've learned not to long break outs on intraday levels but to long break outs on a multi day or preferably on a weekly/monthly level.

poohl7 Dec 18, 19 8:51 PM

it just works better that way. ive also understood that if you long intraday you need to long from a base and not the high of day nor on the break out. high of day and break out on intraday levels are where ppl will be exit there trades and those trades will most likely get stuffed. and not work

poohl7 Dec 18, 19 8:54 PM

when i say bass i mean low of day and exit points should be break out and high of day points and for your question sykes i believe you should stick to what you have been down from the jump but if you want to try something new, you should first study it and learn proper entry and exit points. know the criteria of the strategy first. but if something is already working then let it work

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JonathanIParra Aug 20, 19 1:04 AM

i understanding your poitn, buying a first green day on a breakout over the range and if i was trading that , i would defintely buy at the lower range and not chase the breakout . sure it looks good , but everything does in pure hindsight nevertheless love this premarket video

Noz Sep 19, 19 12:12 AM

Watched, cheers Tim.

poohl7 Dec 18, 19 4:09 AM

i understand that stock can run, big.

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