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10xtrader Apr 11, 12:01 AM

If your going to be speculative, which I think you should be and willing to try and learn new things, BUT would modulate with smaller postion sizes and only have them make up like 10% or less than your bread and butter patterns.

timcobra Apr 19, 6:44 AM

Discipline for me too

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tayhaoxia Apr 03, 10:38 PM

the big supernova open the door for smaller runner. sympathy play good time to be aggressive with the longs

timcobra Apr 20, 5:24 AM

Thanks Tim, studying continuously reveals nuances which in turn tunes me to what the market is trying to tell me

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[SuperAlerts] 2 IPOs planned on Wednesday - CNFR and GBT. One on Thursday - HLI, and Two on Friday - BOXL and GRSHU. Also, GCAA should trade sometime this week.

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