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SeanLacap Oct 15, 4:21 AM

Looking back at it, CVSI and BUDZ actually gapped down after the strong first green days that we're mentioned here.

ChristineB Oct 16, 4:01 PM

Stay disciplined for sure!! :) Stick with what you know and what you are comfortable with!

ChristineSmith Dec 08, 11:14 AM

Thanks Tim... :) Discipline is your best bet hah! Stick with what you know...

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LHowell Aug 29, 12:10 PM

Being wrong, when you are already dip buying, limits your risk. You can always be wrong and you can afford to be wrong if Rule #1 is intact. Two trades, two lessons, no trade lesson gets left behind!

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[TimAlerts] But I would have to trade a really small size cause it's so illiquid. Similar to BUDZ.

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