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KStanger Sep 01, 7:04 PM

As of June, 17 2019 Barry Honig is now banned from Penny Stocks!!! Got caught with too many pump & dumps! MGTI, RIOT, PTE, and OPK are just a few!

JonathanIParra Sep 17, 5:11 AM

hell yeah , i loove it, first green day dip buy on bgi and speculative dip based on pumper barry honig . i like these dips into spikers and afternoon spikers

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[TimAlerts] the price action of $FXCM reminds me of $BVSN a few years ago. It dropped like a rock :p... I dont think there is much left in FXCM after the Swiss Franc trade. How much will they keep eating from small FX traders ....

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