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tayhaoxia Mar 09, 8:10 AM

looking at coiling action in order to buy

timcobra Mar 22, 7:26 AM

Thanks Tim, I will invest more and more into my education

10xtrader Mar 28, 1:33 PM

Totally agree, you get what u pay for. Poverty mindset begets poverty, abundant thinking breeds prosperity. Wish they had a sale like that now, could talk my wife into 93% off!!!!

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ZiggysMom Jul 03, 18 10:33 AM

Noting CVC, to get more confident in entry do extra prep. Look for the technicals to buy. Watch twitter always and forever, especially to see heavily shorted stocks. After initial b/o if its basing and consolidating near highs, buy it on the breakout. If a stock spikes past HOD, wait for the pullback conformation. Look for double bottoms, but pay attention to overhead resistance. Refine trading techniques and beat the market. Focus on entries and don't chase.

axlk Jul 07, 18 6:34 PM

Thanks Mark. I really like your webinars and the way you teach the lessons

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[TimChallenge] CEI has fluff news, production update. Down .50 since name change. Could pop a little today with market and oil&gas news

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