($160) loss CELH Long Stock

Entry comments: CHART trade ---- slow sto 20 play ...personal stop loss 4ema area and personal target mid 6's or more if it works

Exit comments: out rest small gain will keep on waatch for next report

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$1,380 profit CELH Long Stock

Entry comments: I re-bought this energy drink maker/earnings winner from last month that I had a position in earlier this year on a nice multi-day dip off its recent highs at $7. I underestimated it last time I had it, selling too soon in the mid $3s, now I'm back in given their solid growth and Asian expansion plans/billionaire investors. I'll do a full video lesson on this stock later this week, my goal is to make 15-30% on the bounce back to its highs ideally

Exit comments: I'm out for a $1,000+ profit here after waiting for the downtrend to cease, there's a nice 50,000 share bidder at 5.50 today, but I'm not sure if he's real or not so I'm taking profits just in case as he could disappear at anytime and then this thing goes right back to the 5.30s...potential re-buy, but I have to see how it fares up here after several days of poor price action

bartvan Sep 26, 17 4:25 PM

if i put my buyorder @5.55, does you consider this as a "chase" trade??

larkjr Oct 12, 17 2:03 PM

Thanks for the post Tim

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$3,990 profit CELH Long Stock

Entry comments: Out of WLKR and into this one that has been steadily uptrending the past few days and broke above a key multi-month level in the 2.90s, this energy drink maker just signed a big Asian deal that I was expecting literally a year ago but better late than never, and now this looks to be a 2-year cup & handle pattern with the key breakout level being in the mid 3s, I will explain more in a video lesson this week, my goal is to sell in the $4s

Exit comments: NICE winner in just a few days, I'll take making 20% every time since while it looks strong this is where its topped before...I very well could be playing it too safe, but i'm a safety first kind of guy, congrats to all longs here!

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ttt Jan 23, 17 2:59 PM

I am a new member. 5000 in 3.06 out 3.63. Thanks Tim.

timothysykes Jan 23, 17 3:00 PM

@ttt awesome, nice little $2k+ profits there, now you see how quickly it can add up!

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($1,188) loss CELH Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought this energy drink maker on a big dip off recent highs of 2.40ish, tons of support in the 1.80s, they just signed a big time new director of sales and they still have Rusell Simmons and Li Ka-Shing, the world's 17th richest man, as investors...if they ever sign the deal to get into Ka-Shing's retail empire in China this can double or triple so I'll give it some time and the goal is to make 30-50% in the coming weeks

Exit comments: Despite the overall market spiking, this one keeps dropping, my guess is some restricted stock became unrestricted so they're just selling big idea when the selling will stop so I cut losses quickly before it turns into a big loss, rule #1 back to being 100% cash and waiting for better opportunities!

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