bankhead89May 04, 15 2:44 PM

Great lesson Tim! Always play it safe.

birddogMay 04, 15 2:47 PM

Thank You ! As I am a new student and learning a lot before I trade.

samman306May 04, 15 9:09 PM

Tim im looking for a pump and dump in the near future that i can buy in advance of a spike. Im on peter michaelsons website but i cant find anything from him recently. Can you point me in the right direction? I can only afford to buy a stock that will rise because this will be my first trade ever with $500

samman306May 04, 15 9:10 PM

This will be my first trade ever* and im going to use $500 to grow my account so i can eventually be able to short and risk buying the dips.

yeayou08May 04, 15 11:03 PM

Awesome video. Felt like you were referring to me about chasing trades. I put myself on that path but now I'm checking myself for the right setups. Thanks Tim

likens2tradeMay 05, 15 1:08 AM

Your rating system is gone and has been from the last several videos. Thank yo for the video as well.

DecensteveMay 05, 15 7:21 AM

thx tim, great stuff :-)

littlemoneyMay 05, 15 8:43 AM

Tim, Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication. you continue to provide all you subscribers with the tools necessary to become a successful trader. I value your mentor ship.

Chicago777Dec 02, 15 6:19 PM

In this lesson we got to see the continuation of ticker mentioned in previous lesson, also we saw a run down of the tickers in Tim's watch-list for the day

mbsdadDec 28, 16 7:23 PM

watched and learning!

FlockstockMar 22, 17 11:14 PM

Learn from past trade history what stocks can do .... There is always outliers tho... Missing trades is ok ... Past problems can be overcome ... History does repeat .... If stocks near their highs .. Don't chaee them and don't be so aggressive

Conner_TaMaderOct 12, 17 8:08 PM

$GLUU spiking up on deal with Britany Spears and holding right up near the highs. This could spike more as this is within striking distance of breaking out.

axlkMay 16, 19 4:30 AM

Thanks Tim

piscott0306Aug 27, 19 5:24 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

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