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robmeyer Aug 21, 3:03 PM

Roland you Rock! thank you!

LHowell Aug 21, 3:13 PM

Roland, Thank you for this fantastic, step by step thought process video! I love how you even went back to show how history/reasons why CVSI kept soaring to new over-extended highs in the first place, and then the catalyst for the crack and subsequent falling knife, how you identified the turn, and positioned yourself for only the 1st bounce on an OTC. Great Lesson! And thank you Tim for creating such wonderful Student-Teachers!

AZAST Aug 21, 3:20 PM

I was jumping out of my seat on this play. Thanks for the video Roland, very good information, always learning!

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ZiggysMom Aug 20, 1:14 PM

Noting to have patients, wait to see good places and if you miss it learn for the next time. Don't trade random stocks with random patterns. Overall volume is more important then volume during a specific time. First green day is big, with good catalyst and good volume.

ZachR Aug 20, 6:28 PM

Thanks Tim

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Received 47 Karmas
MissileMan Aug 17, 8:40 PM

One of the many times I will say Thanks.

Junkyarddog Aug 18, 9:29 AM

Work and time permitting, I'm going to burn through some videos this weekend. Searching for the missing link. Thanks for the lesson!

Hagen Aug 19, 1:43 PM

Don’t overtrade wait for the best set up.

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ZachR Aug 13, 5:43 PM

Thanks Mark

NachoLibre Aug 15, 10:39 AM

Love your input in this lessons.

ZiggysMom Aug 20, 9:29 AM

Noting with slow movers you have to be extremely patient. Stock trading near lows is likely to not be anything worth going into. Always look at the historical chart and the volume. Look at prior run ups and the volume it had to determine how much volume it needs to do the same. Don't think you have to buy right away at market open. Let the stocks react and prove itself.

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ZachR Jul 29, 4:35 AM

Awesome thanks Tim see you in Orlando

March Jul 31, 11:18 AM

way better learn from you and then eventually, after mastering the strategy, focus on hot models :-)

zaraza Jul 31, 10:49 PM

Thanks Tim..happy to have you keep doing what you are doing,teaching the way you do and delivering the messages in any way you seem fit.. You are successful, honest, smart,REAL and that's why I keep learning from you.

ZiggysMom Aug 02, 10:35 AM

Noting to sit on your hands when there is no plays. Look for premature heavily shorted stocks. Float on pumps is not as important. Cut losses quick, focus on volatile stocks, don't try and buy first green day morning spikes. Small gains add up, don't get discouraged from losses learn from them. Watch all the guides, understand the basics and build on them.

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CrazyWillows Aug 03, 1:26 AM

Sorry meant to say great lesson!!! Got too excited..

Androo Aug 15, 10:58 AM

Thank you Tim, very cool!

Junkyarddog Aug 18, 10:44 AM

It's always the small important I've been looking for morning panics but more specifically, It's morning panics on "uptrending charts". I know it sounds stupid but I've been forgetting that "uptrending chart" part of the equation.

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Clovis Jun 14, 2:29 PM

Well said, I will keep more of the runners on my watch list, thank you Mark ;)

pappybizness Jun 14, 10:01 PM

Great Lesson Mark.. Always keep Recent Runners on Watchlist... Jus finished the Book of the Year!!! The Complete PennyStocking course, planning read from the back to front now and grab a thing I missed... New Student = Master Student

axlk Jul 07, 4:16 PM

Thanks Mark. Now I'll always watch these former runners for sure

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