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canudropit2 Nov 20, 18 5:50 AM

Thanks Mark...Recent supernovas runners and big volume

skatermdw Nov 28, 18 10:24 PM

Mark, it always a pleasure to be involve in your video lesson, Thank You...

diane47 Dec 07, 18 3:47 PM

Thanks, Mark. Love your style.

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Tetyanas777 Nov 07, 18 9:59 AM

That was the best teaching I laughed so hard You are bad to the bone teacher:-) You are awesome human but you do using a lot of bad language..... How I will let my 11 years old daughter study from you? I guess will wait for her to grow first. Thank you

ChristineB Nov 08, 18 3:22 PM

Thank you so much the the webinar Tim! You have some tough love there, but I certainlt do respect that! I'm a newbie! I'm currently papertrading. And any straight forward advice you give me is preparing for reality! I've noticed a few stocks not volitile enough to trade. So....I just skip it and start investigating the next one! I keep in mind the stocks you list to help us! But I also try and find good plays on my own. Following your rules and setups though! Thanks for everything!

RockRobster Nov 18, 18 9:37 AM

Don't try to put a steak in a cupcake!

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zaraza Sep 03, 18 1:27 PM

Thank You Tim.. STOP crying about the delivery and let the message sink into that thick skull. Please Do Not change the way you teach.

ZachR Sep 04, 18 4:09 PM

Awesome dip by Tim thanks for the lesson

ZiggysMom Sep 18, 18 9:24 AM

Noting to focus on price action, how it got to that price and how its reacting to it. Don't play pennies games, get out. When it starts to hit a wall get out. Stop trying to predict, react.

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