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RobertRiggs Aug 18, 1:47 PM

Congrats Bryce. NSAV was a perfect panic. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Thanks for the lesson Tim.

RobertRiggs Sep 23, 12:56 PM

Rewatched. Congrats Bryce! Wait for the perfect setups. Dont force plays. Missed the play but learned from it. Very nice panic. Thanks for the lesson Tim.

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dumbtrades Aug 19, 2:15 AM

Thanks Tim on the lesson on what to look for and also how to trade stocks which are overextended I do not need to trade all the time just need to trade when my patterns are there.

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dumbtrades Aug 05, 4:57 AM

Thanks Tim never follow anyone alerts, I first need to grow my Knowledge account before i grow my trading account learn the process that is the key to this game.

karman Aug 19, 9:58 AM

I am going to learn the process

oswald Aug 21, 4:05 PM

I will learn the process, former runners, big percent gainers, not one day spikers, or crap charts, and I have stocks to trade breaking news:) Thanks Tim!

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dumbtrades Aug 07, 2:43 AM

Thanks Tim its the same damn patterns if you are there or not no matter what. need to not have expectations of a stock and let the patterns come to me.

Elayne Sep 10, 7:11 PM

It's the same pattern, over, over and over!!!!!!!

karman Oct 02, 1:33 PM

Always the same damn pattern!

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matt123 Jul 28, 9:18 PM

Great again thank you

dumbtrades Aug 07, 2:17 AM

Thanks Mark need to be able to buy on the dip near key support and also that when the big volume exhaustion candle comes in need to be ready to buy it . Obviously you identified it buy it being a multiday runner.

Androo Oct 08, 10:56 AM

Thank you Mark, very cool!

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