@RolandWolf I have been trying find a good dip entry point on charts such as $ECYT and $ARWR for a swing long trade. Not able to figure out where to enter such types of good Long Term Daily Charts. Can you please provide some insights on these? How would you have analyzed these 2 stocks?

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MrEd Mar 28, 18 7:29 AM

Cut losses quickly and protect

ZiggysMom Apr 10, 18 11:47 AM

Noting to not forget about recent supernovas focus on process and disipline don't trust noobies cut losses quickly Whats the Time of day, catalyst, news, float, position size, float, position size, overall market This is a marathon not a sprint Take profits when it reaches my goal

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Flockstock Mar 31, 18 11:17 PM

Proper perspective is key, figure out what strengths and weaknesses are before wanting monetary success ... it's more important to develop consistency over long term rather than short term.

ZiggysMom Apr 13, 18 11:35 AM

You don't have to trade, no need to force it Did you learn? Think differently Time of day, float, position size, how quick is the stock moving, catalyst There is no exact science

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$420 profit ECYT Long Stock

Entry comments: This recent runner has been teasing red-to-green since the market open, I think it can do it, could be quick, goal is to make 25-50 cents/share, small position on this speculative pattern

Exit comments: Nice red-to-green spike as I wanted, nothing huge, but I'l ltake this kind of trade over and over, just going for singles and hitting them, Ichiro-style

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OnTheLevel33 Mar 12, 18 9:49 AM

ECYT has preso today, could be sell the news

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