Tim, brand new. Just signed up for the Challenge last Thurs. Have seen a number of your videos and saw Crook’s webinar and have gotten through Orientation Lesson 3. After taking what I Have learned so far, would $ELTK be a stock for watchlist? It had recent earnings surprise, has had decreasing short buying %, increased institutional buying and a spike in volatility and volume, trades normally in the 240000 range but recent days 10x that vol and has had a multi-day upward trend. If I understand what I have heard/seen so far, these are all characteristics of good candidate stocks for the kind of trades you do. Am I off base?

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Read my wtachlist from 9 hours ago, this is the exact bottoming price action I wanted on $ELTK glad I had the patience to wait for it

floridawoody Jun 07, 19 11:19 AM

I followed along and placed a 2k buy for ELTK at 4.90 and collected only 300 shares, yet just sold at 5.15. Fast mover. Thanks for your steer Tim !

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$1,155 profit ELTK Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this red-to-green move as I predicted in my watchlist, goal is to make 20-40 cents/share on further bounce, yeahhh Fridays

Exit comments: Absolutely perfect, recent runner, red to green, volume spike, so perfect, video lesson this weekend, taking my single and not getting greedy

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Mark1975 Jun 08, 19 8:13 AM

Patient like a tiger!!

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Spent 5 weeks over trading quite a bit. Was doing okay, until i started to try to size up and the OK i was doing was not the right habbits. Its really easy to hear the advice people give and not internalize it. I think it really hit me how burned out i was getting and that the over trading on mediocre set ups was SO taxing. The major plays right now are not plays im comfortable with as the squeezes seem so volatile i just cant mentally handle them. The answer however was not to trade shittier less volatile plays the answer was to watch videos and read. Video lesson #5776 was totally what i needed to hear. re watching trading tickers as well and read the book Tim G recommends in that video ( Daily trading coach) twice. I think after hear "let the market/patterns come to you" from literally everyone and every book i realized that not only do i not fear missing out on plays im not comfortable with i dont want to do that to myself. Why take out the stress of a trade on a low odds play that i KNOW will give me anxiety win or lose. I don't know if anyone will read this but if you do I hope this helps. I expected to be better quickly- which I know alot of people do but I have worked in finance for 3 years and have extensive knowledge of investing. IT IS NOT THE SAME. IT DOESNT MATTER. It helps, but it doesn't mean i can rush it. I need to find that little edge and after tracking plays I think dip buying and shorting the top of bounces is the way for me. I will do my best to maintain discipline and only play those set ups that dont immediately make me nervous. The really good set ups ive played, pretty much just $PTN dip buy and shorting top of the bounce i played a fair amount of size and although my executions were poor and i was anxious (i was newer) i wasn't anxious for the same reasons as on a play like $ELTK where it is just so erratic i know im holding a grenade without seeing the timer on it.

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