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MThoms Apr 25, 11:23 AM

Noting to never step in front of a stock, ideally a stock should be above vwap for a buy,wait for the action to happen, trading is about controlling your risk reward, you can be late and still make a lot of money, control fomo, trust that the plays will be there

Zaleucus Apr 25, 5:23 PM

thanks Tim, your webinars are totally the best education for me.

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MThoms May 01, 11:31 AM

Noting to only focus on the volatile plays, if you don't have it don't force the trade, stay on the sidelines and just watch if you need to, former runners in hot sectors or good catalyst, big volume is important. Don't trade near lows, stocks that move a few cents a day is not worth playing.

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Tradedeficit Apr 02, 12:47 PM

Note to self: listen too the meat of the webinar. I do not doubt T.S. understanding of the stocks. Every narcissists has value.

Timmer1103 May 10, 9:23 AM

I will learn from my mistakes.

MThoms May 22, 3:04 PM

I will learn from my mistakes

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Flockstock Apr 16, 17 2:53 PM

Higher lows through afternoon fade areas .. It might spike the next day .. Better if former runner that spiked in past ... However if go Redon the day this is no buy signal .. RESPECT PRICE ACTION AND HISTORY

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karubin1224 Apr 04, 17 3:13 AM

"I'm not the guy buying high of day perks". That's me. >_< Thanks for this important lesson, and many other lessons Tim!

STicker Apr 11, 17 2:20 PM

Respect your risk, so get the hell out of a stock if it fails your plan! One of the most concise webinars of you!

dmatin Feb 08, 7:17 PM

Damn I love watching you trade Tim. You are such a lively and enthusiastic mentor and I am so glad that you are willing to give your two cents back to the community. I hope that you give more webinars in the future cause I have QUESTIONS!

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