Received 9 Karmas
Tusya1 Jun 05, 22 8:27 PM

Thank you. I will continue reviewing and keeping track of my trades.

4KD Jun 05, 22 10:20 PM

Thank You!! I will review my trades and study HARD!!

Ocean4me Jun 26, 22 6:57 PM

Thanks for the lesson and guidance Tim!!

Cherie Feb 14, 23 2:55 PM

Thank you, Tim! I promise to review and track my trades. I’m a new subscriber to this newsletter and I appreciate how you teach the Weekend strategy.

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CuDeaDSooN Jun 16, 23 10:30 PM

I don't know the last time I laughed so hard when he said, "you don't know what your mind is going to make u do when you're in a disaster." Man, that is so true.

Sarnaud1205 Jul 08, 23 8:36 AM

(Back to Basics) - Sometime its all we need. Crisis creates opportunity. You don't need to take on massive risk to make large amounts of profit that will balloon over time compounding those wins by narrowing your focus on a setup or two. By blocking out noise (chats, social media "twitter" and alerts) you can really narrow your focus and also create the confidence and consistency through self sufficiency. Thanks for your time, education, and wisdom Huddie!!!

Sarnaud1205 Jul 08, 23 2:13 PM

Don't short FRD if previous price action is not a supernova/parabolic multiday runner. There can typically be higher odds for a short trap on choppy up trending price action. Look for FRD after a multi day over extended supernova/parabolic move. Thanks for your time and education Huddie!!!

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jacksondowney5 Mar 22, 22 11:02 AM

1.) for online chart history. 2.) SEC filings -> click file number. If they do an offering, it will be in the same file. 3.) Ricky Analog is another good source for learning about SEC filings, aside from the DVD. 4.) don’t trade because of the earnings - always look at the reaction to the earnings. Thank you!!

LeeHunt Mar 22, 22 7:35 PM

Great lessons thx Tim L!

RobertRiggs Apr 02, 22 8:16 PM

Thanks for the trade review of Tim, Jack, & Marks trades. Thanks for the webinar Tim Lento.

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Nick_Lee Apr 02, 23 4:01 PM

Great webinar, great info. Currently going back through all Grittanis webinars so I can learn and expand on his trading style.

Sarnaud1205 May 10, 23 9:21 AM

Thanks Grittani, for your time and education. And big thanks for your openness about your process, very helpful.

Sarnaud1205 Aug 28, 23 9:48 PM

higher odds on long setups with tickers that have lower floats and lower share counts, creates higher potential for short squeezes with large enough volume and share rotation. Do not buy sympathy plays that are underperforming in a hot sector especially if leaders continue to outperform. Market conditions/seasonality are extremely important for pattern reliability and occurrence and increasing/decreasing risk. Thanks for your time and education Grittani!!!

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