ITUS Looking for this recent supernova to hold in the 2's this coming week and bring back the VOL for bounce, probably to the heavy resistance of $3.

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armin Nov 21, 17 10:43 PM

i love the pre music before each webinar, i love your energy, thank you Tim. it shows that you really pour your heart into this. appreciate your time!

ZiggysMom Jun 15, 18 10:55 AM

Noting when you are unsure, no play, just keep on watch. Get your list down to the best setups with a manageable size. Make sure your stocks have volume. When a big indicator is not going the way you like (like market is red), don't be so quick to pull the trigger.

LizLele Jul 28, 3:46 PM

My favorite part was when you whispered "I'd be taking profits here" lol and wow no air conditioner in 90 degree weather, amazing! Thanks Bohen!

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