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SHEANN Sep 20, 2:41 AM

Learning every day, thanks Tim.

chisum Sep 20, 12:20 PM

Thanks Tim! Love the TOS playback commentary you give and real-time analysis! Very helpful! @TimLento

Marbradram Sep 20, 6:10 PM

Great analysis and explanation of all Jackaroo’s plays. Knowledge account expanding 👏

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HenryCraig Jun 30, 1:51 AM

With time and effort, I can learn more and do better.

Badgerjoe04 Aug 04, 11:04 PM

Watching this nearly 60 days after Tim posted it. Still a great video, a great teaching moment and I am walking away with more knowledge than when I started the vid. We learn from the past. I’m preparing to meet my next opportunity head on. Thank You Tim for your teachings. I LOVE THIS!!! Keep studying guys, success is closer than we know

001CP Nov 15, 9:09 PM

I will be prepared. Thanks Tim.

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