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Gabytrader Aug 02, 11:30 PM

Sure man, If you're are confortable doing it, it sure helps. If I was confortable putting that money into something good like that I'd do it, hopefully in the future.

DianaPelaez Aug 03, 8:22 AM

You are so I have written before, thanks Tim for being so generous!!!

timothysykes Aug 04, 8:52 AM

@DianaPelaez it's my peasure, giving back/teaching really do make all this hard work SO much more gratifying its crazy!

MoonShot Aug 05, 10:14 AM

Thanks Tim. Awesome what you're doing.

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Blackbright Mar 08, 18 9:23 AM

Shorting over the weekend is a very risky strategy since the companies has 2 days to provide any sort of news where you cannot get out. Never ever bag hold a stock, if your thesis isn’t intact anymore you simply cut the trade. Because what bag holding does to you is 1. It ties up your buying power 2. It will stress you out to think of what the stock is going to do every day. Technical indicators: understand that other traders rely on them. Thanks, Bohen!

Pragmatic Mar 15, 18 10:08 PM

Great stuff ! Thanks Tim

ZiggysMom Apr 20, 18 11:14 AM

Noting as a new trader list the positives and negatives, be emotionless, don't bag hold runners, pay attention to charts with bag holders

LizLele Jul 26, 19 8:39 PM

"Let's barney" made me laugh, Thanks Bohen!

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MrEd Feb 28, 18 8:09 PM

Tough advice but your right as usual Tim

ZachR Mar 07, 18 7:59 AM

Thanks Again Tim

ZiggysMom Apr 30, 18 12:04 PM

Noting to learn to modulate, the stock market doesn't care what I need, don't force trades, don't over work yourself, if there is no plays go enjoy yourself. Don't guess, react.

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KODK Anyone thinking of maybe buying some puts on this bad boy? KODK 7.5 Jan19 PUT looking pretty hot at .55. May rocket with a little panic selling/ correction!!

Craigtradesthis Jan 17, 18 5:35 PM

In hindsight, those 7.5 puts were waaaay out of the money. Better to buy a close to ITM put if the time frame is soon then to speculate about reaching a lower price in a shorter amount of time.

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timcobra May 03, 11:24 AM

Thanks Tim, I love the fact that I can trade this crazy market

valksr May 25, 7:53 PM

I love the crazy market now and in 2018

AMC19GTE Aug 08, 1:08 PM

lol I wish this version of Tim could time travel to June 2020 lol he would have shit his pants. But like he always says history repeats itself and so does human emotions.

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