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Flockstock Jan 26, 11:20 AM, promoter emails, pumps, inactive websites, news alerts on TOS, price action, technical analysis, always analysize trades, bear market indicators, overall market analysis, exponential moving averages, worlds news, control only what you can control,

asfricksrs Jan 26, 11:17 PM

Thanks Mr. Lento, always enjoy the info in your webs.

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zaraza Jan 20, 9:38 PM

Thank you Michael. Interesting data. My head hurts but you give good webinar. You're right though. Watching a ticker without note taking or doing some calcs is useless. You have a great sense of humor...l

aleon Jan 21, 1:09 AM

Great lesson I've learned from this webinar

Dario1 Jan 21, 11:27 AM

Thank you for that great webinar!

LizLele Jan 23, 9:48 PM

Thanks Michael! I gotta figure out how to do spread sheets.

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