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TreeTrader Nov 21, 18 6:44 PM

Damn Huddie, these video lessons are proof you're on your way to being one of the greats. Excellent content sir

dmatin Nov 21, 18 10:41 PM

6:40 first Roland now you with the boxmod. Maybe it's the vape juice that makes ya'll good traders lol

SafariTrader Jan 14, 8:30 PM

Fantastic information! Thanks for sharing!

DC_757 Jan 17, 3:51 PM

Thanks Huddie, great information.

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RoyCreditor Aug 18, 18 1:17 PM

Can't wait to earn that privelege by become consistent

MBrandt Aug 22, 18 7:27 PM

Paulo, saw the list of AWX trades by Mint Broker. Why do they do it that way? What are they trying to accomplish? Really interesting. Thanks for posting.

ZachR Oct 14, 18 11:16 PM

Fantastic Thanks Huddie

Atiqe Oct 27, 18 3:52 PM

Great Proper Risk Management Strategy, noted down with details, ­čÖî@Huddie

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@Dario1 HI! ich habe gesehen du bist auch aus Deutschland, bin auf der Suche nach Studenten von Tim die aus Deutschland sind mit denen man sich zusammenschlie├čen kann. Gr├╝├če aus Stuttgart

Dario1 Jan 17, 18 6:33 PM

Hey habe dir eine private Nachricht geschrieben.

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