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doublej0103 Jan 21, 10:27 PM

I am also interested in knowing your criteria for buying breakout and first green days

SDYTrader85 Feb 13, 4:25 PM

Great post, just watched your YouTube videos also. Super helpful, so thank you for those! It would be great to get a video on both first green days and panic dip buys! I struggle with finding the right entry on dips and when to know if the turn is real or a fake! Thanks!

Aanko1991 Feb 20, 5:20 AM

Thanks Mason. Can't believe I read word by word. Thanks again my man.

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PlasticPaul Jul 15, 17 3:52 PM

Nice. Many thanks for the useful video

LizLele Jul 16, 17 10:33 PM

Nice job! You said you are alerted to stocks- do you mean because you are watching and see the change or is there an alert system i'm unaware of? Thanks! Also how do you make your nightly watchlist? Have you covered that yet? I just happily stumbled upon your videos.

Torkers Jul 16, 17 11:07 PM

real nice and informative video!!

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