$11 Profit
LIVELong Stock

Entry comments: I'm holding this one long over the weekend as it looks like a mover to me. Post market this thing tanked, but premarkt Monday it has come back to it's original highs plus some. I'll hold a day or two longer, I'm sure.

Exit comments: Sold. Took profits as I needed more leverage elsewhere.


($2) Loss
LIVELong Stock

went LONG with successful earnings. price movement went other way around.


($18) Loss
LIVELong Stock
$304 Profit
LIVEShort Stock
($24) Loss
LIVELong Stock
$201 Profit
LIVEShort Stock

In 200 shares for a R/G move. All out once it broke trendline. Should of sold when it topped at $20.50, which was big RES at pre-market!


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