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Zac Dec 22, 20 8:48 PM

thanks Mark very good video. excellent info.

Windwalzer Dec 23, 20 4:25 PM

Thank you for clearly showing and explaining the "gun chart". I now makes sense visually and mentally. You do great webinars.

AaronofYarmouth Dec 30, 20 10:21 AM

Great webinar, good advice on the breaking news and dip buy plays for new traders.

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dumbtrades Mar 30, 20 5:56 PM

learned your train of thought and how you focus on making a watch list overnight by plays that you alerted before and waiting for the plays to come to you

timcobra Apr 05, 20 4:53 AM

Thanks Tim, I finally understood from you about, why I exactly need to put big % winners into my post market watchlist. I knew about the pre market watchlist...

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