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MotoGuzzi Feb 04, 3:55 AM

you're a poor dancer, but you're a great human being! ... and that's what counts. another great video lesson for me, thanks!

MThoms May 21, 1:39 PM

Do not predict, react. Make sure the stocks prove themselves. As for dancing; if your having fun, who cares:)

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KiwiDan Jul 26, 17 5:10 PM

Hi there is this still relevant to today's date ? Cheers

Slayer Aug 03, 17 12:07 AM

Thanx Mark. :)

asfricksrs Dec 02, 17 12:01 AM

Thanks for the emphasis on hot sectors and categorize them accordingly. Good to have W/L detailed to these plays. Thanks Mark.

MThoms May 21, 2:05 PM

Categorize hot sectors, sympathy plays can help identify what sector is hot, and look for the the plays with the strongest volume.

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