Things I learned this week. 1. Even stocks that trade on major exchanges can have fake news. $NNVC is an example of that. The fat fingered mistake I made on that is a great example. 2. Trading with a smaller percentage of my account can still be very profitable since losses are smaller. 3. What you think is the perfect set up can still lead to a loss.

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dumbtrades May 17, 20 9:47 AM

great seeing my favorite traders trade again thanks @TimLento as always

BBandit Sep 27, 20 1:03 PM

if lento isnt blowing out my ear drums it just isnt a proper trade review

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Hi Tim, for your $NNVC trade, fee is 5usd from Speedtrade? Does it include locate fee? I had locate fee 55 for 100 shrs from tradezero, and they charge 7x overnight, which takes half of my profit. Can you post your entire speedtrade screenshort for $201290 profit? I cannot find proof pic shows other days' entry-exit than 28-30.

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