Things I learned this week. 1. Even stocks that trade on major exchanges can have fake news. $NNVC is an example of that. The fat fingered mistake I made on that is a great example. 2. Trading with a smaller percentage of my account can still be very profitable since losses are smaller. 3. What you think is the perfect set up can still lead to a loss.

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Windwalzer Feb 09, 3:59 PM

AEMD was/is halted on Trading Suspension on 7 Feb. Opening my STT chart and following your moves and watching then practicing looking at the 3m 1d/15d 1d chart then the specific day, the entries and exits of the top traders, is helping me feel more comfortable and pliable with the tools that we have on the charts, plus getting used to what to look for depending which time and length you want to look at. Thank you for your time and teaching. I feel I can keep up better each time.

tayhaoxia May 17, 9:47 AM

great seeing my favorite traders trade again thanks @TimLento as always

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Hi Tim, for your $NNVC trade, fee is 5usd from Speedtrade? Does it include locate fee? I had locate fee 55 for 100 shrs from tradezero, and they charge 7x overnight, which takes half of my profit. Can you post your entire speedtrade screenshort for $201290 profit? I cannot find proof pic shows other days' entry-exit than 28-30.

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