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Grimes Jun 08, 19 12:47 PM

good stuff Croock. Such a real trader

KDJourney Jun 08, 19 11:21 PM

Learned more the second time around! Thanks

CrazyWillows Jun 27, 19 1:59 AM

Bad sushi charts in general don't always give the best odds, in the case of ONVO the volume vs float ratio did not line up and the chance of a stronger move into the close had very minimal odds. Stick to the right patterns with the right indicators. Learn to know when to be aggressive on low floats. Thanks Mark.

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ZachR Aug 10, 17 9:16 AM

Thanks Tim I keep missing at least half your list every time. But ill keep putting them togeather. And some day 5hey might look the same...

austinogg Aug 10, 17 4:00 PM

#1 first red day (mountains) #2 dip buys (panics, earnings & mornings)

FFrank Aug 11, 17 1:00 AM

Please come back to life and stay alive, far too much to learn from you, thanks Tim

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Settler Dec 29, 16 3:12 AM

R u saying ONVO is going to morning spike???

Flockstock Jan 26, 17 12:59 AM

Don't short anything that goes up ... If fails to go red it is a dip buy .. Can get aggressive in BEAR markets .... If stock takes out the premarket lows or moring lows. Do NOT buy .. Practice good habits

ZachR Aug 01, 17 9:26 AM

Thanks Tim

dmatin Mar 01, 18 6:17 PM

Would you short ________.

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