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BetterTraderJax Aug 05, 18 4:06 PM

Mark mentioned in his webinar something about a link you posted on Guy Gentile and Fit Broker? Can you please share? Ty

FitGirl Aug 05, 18 6:30 PM

@BetterTraderJax Mint Broker and Guy Gentile on Twitter is @guygentile owner od Mintbroker and suretrader (same company on paper). He has been pumping stocks as shorts and running them up as longs, claiming losses and then the SEC Form 3 or 4 the next day or two will show that he purchsed millions of shares of these companies.

FitGirl Aug 05, 18 6:32 PM

@BetterTraderJax has the SEC filing and I reposted all of it on my twitter account @tradingfitgirl

BetterTraderJax Aug 06, 18 8:03 PM

Thanks FitGirl for the information. I added your twitter account too!!

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