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MiaPlateau Mar 31, 9:39 PM

• Reaction is more important than the numbers in earnings winner. • Dips heading back to unchanged levels should be taken with precaution especially if it didn’t hold its gains. • Spiking 4th and onward should be taken precautionary.

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($80) loss P Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this new earnings winner into the close as earnings winners are back, goal is to make 5-10% selling early next week

Exit comments: No gap up so I cut losses quickly, tougher to predict bigger companies, will look for smaller company earnings winners, potential re-buy here only on dips

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Krogzax May 05, 18 8:44 AM

Learned so much from your entry/exits. I study & analyze every trade you make. Going to study first green days today, really need to pay more attention to them. Past weeks the main topic has been dip buying for me.

drnkmn692 May 07, 18 9:35 AM

@Wilkins0714 stocks to trade is the best in the industry. They also have paper trading so you can practice before you invest your hard earned

AWOH May 07, 18 11:06 AM

For once I did better than Tim Sykes. Got out at $7.09

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