($80) Loss
PLong Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this new earnings winner into the close as earnings winners are back, goal is to make 5-10% selling early next week

Exit comments: No gap up so I cut losses quickly, tougher to predict bigger companies, will look for smaller company earnings winners, potential re-buy here only on dips


  • Total Views1,120
  • Position Size2,000
  • Percentage-0.58%
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Wilkins0714May 04, 18 3:52 PM

Should I have a trading platform to watch these trades as I am new and trying to learn?

JasonKKendallMay 04, 18 5:14 PM

You can get the yahoo finance app for your smart phone and follow along, you can also learn a lot of info about important news and follow the chat that people are talking about, it will have the charts so you can follow along with what people are trading here on Profitaly and it's free. Good luck!

BlktotoroMay 04, 18 7:45 PM

@JasonKKendall following up on this question, how can you follow up to be ready on Monday if charts will are frozen till market opens? Are there any site can can offer over weekend charts? Or you mean like to be checking on news and so? Also I'm newbie here.

cherrycoronelMay 04, 18 11:06 PM

@Wilkins0714 Yes! STT or stocks to trade is a great software scanner that Tim & his team made... it lays out everything fr. news to highest %age gainers & more!!! Pricey but you get what you pay for; You can also get it fr. Yahoo but does not show <$1 highest %age gainers, which is crucial to your trading if you want to make serious $$$!!! I'm also a newbie and just signed up for the

cherrycoronelMay 04, 18 11:07 PM

@Wilkins0714 (sorry it got cut off!) Trading Challenge!!! Can't wait for next week!!! (Although if you signed up for ETrade or IB - Interactive Broker, they should have a trading platform as well) Goodluck to us:):):)!!!!

Wilkins0714May 04, 18 11:09 PM

Thank you!! I’m really trying to guide myself in this to start. I got the book from amazon he recommended about penny stocks and just purchased the making millions dvd. So on stocks to trade can you get a broker through there or one attached to it? Also I’m assuming you can monitor ALL penny stocks? Every platform I pull up like to Ameritrade yahoo etc it pulls up the basic watchlist but can’t find penny stocks ughh any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Wilkins0714May 04, 18 11:10 PM

I’m just wondering if I sign up for e trade should I also follow stt

cherrycoronelMay 04, 18 11:11 PM

@Blktotoro Hi!!! I'm also a newbie here but for now, you can follow Tim's alerts on Fridays & study it over the weekends, previous highs/lows, history of tickers so when market opens you have an idea. It is very important to study everyday though! That's the only way you can catch up with the big guys:)!!!

Wilkins0714May 04, 18 11:12 PM

I really want to do the challenge also just a little hesitant about the big expense ughh I wish you the best of luck too!!!

cherrycoronelMay 04, 18 11:14 PM

@Wilkins0714 Your welcome:)! You can try ETrade first if you like, prob cost less but not sure how well they do; STT still I think is the best; you get what you pay/didn't pay for, you know... STT is only a scanner though, can't trade there!

KrogzaxMay 05, 18 8:44 AM

Learned so much from your entry/exits. I study & analyze every trade you make. Going to study first green days today, really need to pay more attention to them. Past weeks the main topic has been dip buying for me.

drnkmn692May 07, 18 9:35 AM

@Wilkins0714 stocks to trade is the best in the industry. They also have paper trading so you can practice before you invest your hard earned

AWOHMay 07, 18 11:06 AM

For once I did better than Tim Sykes. Got out at $7.09

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