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deandat62 Aug 10, 8:56 PM

Grading is very good, for new people like me trying to learn the languish. Would also be nice if the alert was posted with the video lesson.

playintheodds Aug 12, 5:35 PM

Personally, I dont think supernovas are my favorite. They move soo quickly and kinda give me anxiety. I like the idea of dip buying a supernova after it has dropped considerable like PRPO. I actually bought PRPO after the halt and held to long, sold on the way down and took a loss. Shouldnt have gotten greedy. Shouldnt have even gotten in the trade since the stock open so high.

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Av1Trades May 18, 10:10 PM

I will adapt to the market and modulate accordingly

night_knight Jun 14, 6:49 AM

Got to watch the volume too... when the volume bars are declining after that max panic drop, a dip buy entry is close

htrinh Jul 17, 2:50 PM

Thanks Tim I am learning when in doubt get out.

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