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KDJourney May 23, 20 3:13 PM

Needed to rewatch . . . Great lesson . . . Thank you!

dumbtrades Jun 03, 20 2:08 PM

chart volume catalyst is key for identifying your risk and reward on any play

mitnick2 Jul 01, 8:48 AM

Goood explanation Mark on the "CVC" parameters (Chart-Volume-Catalyst) that you look for before entering a stock.

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$RXMD a pain in the butt to get executed on, glad we had that little dip I could add to my position as I think people will try to buy this into the close ideally to the .10s

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$640 profit RXMD Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial execution on this former Supernova first green day, goal is for it to break the .097s day highs, ideally sell in the .10s or .11s, not sure if I'll hold overnight

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, not making a break to day highs like I thought, gonna play it safe to lock in my now $8k day in profits, stay safe, lots of plays, aim small, miss small

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Windwalzer May 14, 20 9:04 PM

It's great to have the times and the entries and exit. Makes evaluating the chart even better. Thank you.

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Acannon Mar 18, 18 8:50 PM

@timothysykes Want to join one of the opportunities but have a very small E*TRADE account. Started it with 1000.00 I hope to gain and be able to join Pennystock Silver.

CLucas Mar 26, 18 12:40 AM

Thank you Tim!

ZiggysMom Apr 16, 18 11:45 AM

Don't copy trades, study enough so that I can create my own watch lists and goals, cut losses quickly, time of day matters, float? volume? catalyst? chart? Do not generalize, I am a retired trader. Increase position size as you make better and profitable trades. Be picky, don't trade before the news.

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