-$350 loss SCKT Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative STT Breaking news play on recent runner/earnings winner wayyy off its highs, just go a new patent, lets see if it can spike, goal is to make 7-15%, it just hit the 2.60s, I'd love to see it get back there and breakout

Exit comments: No bounce on that patent spike, rule #1 cut losses quickly, protect bigger gains from NWBO earlier

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vieira Oct 27, 20 6:17 PM

Makes me feel a lot better to see that I wasn’t the only one 🙏🏽

RChen Oct 28, 20 12:52 AM

Cut losses quickly. thanks.

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Kptaindoc Oct 23, 20 10:24 AM

tx TIM have the best travelling day and be safe with codaV Anne

sweetcortez Oct 23, 20 7:32 PM

Tim is Tims Alert is different from your challenge students? Because thats what I got in my cell Challenge student and its a little bit late

kingoceanboy Oct 24, 20 1:36 AM

doing some dd this weekend on these tickers to see their price action. thanks for the list

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[TimAlerts] $SCKT had a badsushi on Q2 report but it says it had good earnings in July... I think Im missing something, cus it drop following the positive report with a gap down


[TimAlerts] Thoughts on $SCKT? It had a bit of a bad sushi drop in July. Dropped about .65. That a bad omen?

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