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ZiggysMom Jun 18, 11:48 AM

Noting this is a marathon not a sprint. It will take lots of studying to be the best. Adjust for the summer as it usually is slower. You don't have to wait for a loss to be wrong, if the stock doesn't do exactly what you want, get out. Look for the best setups and have big goals overall.

MrEd Jun 21, 8:36 PM

Awesome Webinar Tim

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LHowell Sep 15, 12:20 AM

This is a great video! I like your take on stepping back, assessing your thought process, and the previous play percentage. I feel that it is only because you didn't get bogged down in disappointment/anger/an emotional response that you were able to step back, try different a thesis, acknowledging your personal risk, and play differently.

AZAST Sep 17, 7:45 PM

Very helpful! Only when I am very good at one or two patterns do I adapt and try other patterns when the market is so hot! Be a little more aggressive when there is a hot market and things are working better. Thanks Tim!

juju88 Oct 13, 5:06 AM

always helpful

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Bought SNES @ 2.95 a share and then sold @ 2.76 when it failed to reach my goals. First trade in the books. Learned not to make this mistake again!!

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