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axlk Aug 30, 4:55 AM

Thanks Tim. My watchlists look similar to yours after 3 months of studying.

JessAaron25 Sep 24, 10:17 PM

Thanks tim. Everyday i create my own watchlist after doing research then I look at yours to compare. Recently I have been getting several of the same which shows me I am on track!

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March Apr 02, 3:59 PM

thanks Mark

ZiggysMom May 29, 11:01 AM

Noting big financings aren't bullish. If its not volatile, do look at it don't trade it. React to the market, don't predict. You have to by near key levels. Always pay attention to the catalyst. Always note price action and know the long term chart too. Former runner, holds gains, catalyst, where in the framework pattern is this play.

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bradbo1 Dec 04, 17 10:00 AM

Nice job Tim. Thanks!

dmatin Dec 04, 17 2:48 PM

'Short if you're a degenerate.' HAHAHAHA

ZiggysMom Jun 01, 10:56 AM

Noting buy breakouts with set risks. Don't be a bag holder. Keep notes to look back on. Only hold winning positions overnight, catalyst, 52 week high, no resistance. Refine your thinking, break it down and think about it.

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ZiggysMom Apr 30, 2:09 PM

Strong catalyst, good chart, hot sector, good volatility, has momentum to give

axlk Sep 04, 7:59 AM

Thanks Mark

LHowell Sep 05, 6:40 PM

Always focus on the hot sector plays. If you do buy a ticker on little known news, you might buy it before a potential PR, but it better be strong news because the PR might never come. In any case, always understand your entry point in any given pattern and all of the indicators of why you are in the trade. Thanks Mark, great lesson.

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