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kcwonnersc May 09, 5:51 PM

Your Scottish accent and your pirates of the Caribbean accent are basically the same lol

kcwonnersc May 09, 5:57 PM

My loss is definitely have been my r&d. Just like in life you learn more from your mistakes than you do from people telling you what to do and not to do

bubbajay May 12, 10:59 AM

I love R & D a.k.a. tinkering

AEXONE May 21, 6:37 AM

Great Scott! I love research and development!

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Reagan Apr 12, 11:36 PM

still trying to find a median ground between the two. Getting more of a feel on where I have support and resistance and being extremely patient

mariestheras Apr 13, 1:30 AM

For now I prefer cutting losses quickly

bubbajay May 12, 10:48 AM

cut losses quickly, cautiously improve along the way.

TradeTheCrap May 18, 6:02 PM

I cut my losses quickly, but also intelligent.. Sometimes I let it go a little but I know most of the times its better to cut losses quick and eventually step in again when you are confident the table is turned..

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$581 profit SSI Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent runner into its mini panic on low volume, goal is to sell in the low 5s on a bounce, nothing huge, but solid support in the 4.70s here

Exit comments: Managed to salvage small profit here, nothing huge, but important video lesson coming on this trade, love these morning dip buys, so m much better than chasing potential spikes as I was deadwrong on LMPX but managed to cut losses

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204edoane Dec 16, 19 9:17 AM

Nice Tim I’m finally starting to cut loose quickly Even if it’s just small wins Thank You for your teachings I’m learning a lot

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