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Yeong32 Feb 08, 2:16 AM

cut losses quickly, cut losses quickly, get into the brain please!!

SurfinWaves Feb 08, 10:24 AM

I cut losses quickly all the time, as I am still a newby trying to learn the rules. Better safe than sorry. Excellent lesson.

CamDole Feb 09, 11:34 PM

At this point cut losses quickly. I am sure I will be a little of both eventually.

Langen Feb 16, 12:37 PM

If I see a clear support, I cut intelligently. If not so clear - cut quickly

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$581 profit SSI Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent runner into its mini panic on low volume, goal is to sell in the low 5s on a bounce, nothing huge, but solid support in the 4.70s here

Exit comments: Managed to salvage small profit here, nothing huge, but important video lesson coming on this trade, love these morning dip buys, so m much better than chasing potential spikes as I was deadwrong on LMPX but managed to cut losses

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204edoane Dec 16, 19 10:17 AM

Nice Tim I’m finally starting to cut loose quickly Even if it’s just small wins Thank You for your teachings I’m learning a lot

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