[TimAlerts] So I came across $SUMR this morning in Yahoos biggest % losers and considered entering at 1.20 but wanted to wait a day and now its at 2.11! wtf


$578 profit SUMR Long Stock

Entry comments: Little dip buy on this past earnings winner holding just above multi-year support at $3.60ish heading into earnings Thurday night, shorts should be scared of another blowout quarter, I WILL NOT HOLD THROUGH EARNINGS, just trying to take advantage of that probable last minute short squeeze, goal is to sell in the low $4s, not much risk, not very liquid though so I could only get a small position, more important that you learn WHY I'm doing this trade aka GREAT risk/reward w/upcoming catalyst

Exit comments: Solid wall of sellers at 3.90, no thanks on a speculative pattern topping right at late July highs/early August lows, aka bigtime technical resistance, taking my puny 12 cents/share and moving on, also due to my slow internet here in Italy, you spend $2k/night on a hotel and they say the internet will be perfect, NOPE! Gotta learn to trade based on your own situation, having shaky internet hurts on trades when they're not absolutely 100% perfect

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$1,556 profit SUMR Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip bought small amount of this earnings winner/multi-year breakout near support at 3.65-3.75, downside of 15-20 cents/share but I'd like to see this retest this breakout highs of the 4.40s or at least get close heading into earnings next week...shorts have gotta expect another massive earnings surprise so while I DEFINITELY won't hold through earnings, this is a solid chart w/great rational to rise into earning as if they surprise again this goes to 5+, my goal is just to make 40 cents/share

Exit comments: Decent little bouncer, but moving too slow for my tastes, I was never going for big $ on this trade, just a speculative dip buy, more important that I could show you my reasoning for buying just above support with upcoming earnings...congrats to all longs, no big win here, but it was a solid risk-reward trade, now 4.14 so I played it a bit too safe

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jonbellemore Aug 04, 14 3:08 PM

stinks that you said you bought in at 3.91 but when this post came out, price was at 3.99

timothysykes Aug 04, 14 3:11 PM

@jonbellemore and i said dont chase it, one day sooner hopefully than later u'll listen to me and realize my alerts arnt meant to be followed, theyre to be learned from so u can do the same trades as i do...just as all my top students do

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