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tayhaoxia Mar 11, 2:26 PM

Dont short immediately in a market like this cause all these short sellers allow the longs to profit be conservative going long as well

HenryCraig Mar 12, 1:09 AM

Knowledge supports growth and development.

timcobra Mar 24, 2:18 AM

Thanks Tim, I love newbie shorts. At the same time I'm not going to bet the farm when I'm long

10xtrader Mar 28, 10:33 PM

Loving newbie shorts that don't understand the risks. Stocks have a potential unlimited upside but only 100% downside that these shorts are going for, LOL, GL not getting squeezed BF it goes to 0

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zaraza Jan 20, 19 9:38 PM

Thank you Michael. Interesting data. My head hurts but you give good webinar. You're right though. Watching a ticker without note taking or doing some calcs is useless. You have a great sense of humor...l

aleon Jan 21, 19 1:09 AM

Great lesson I've learned from this webinar

Dario1 Jan 21, 19 11:27 AM

Thank you for that great webinar!

LizLele Jan 23, 19 9:48 PM

Thanks Michael! I gotta figure out how to do spread sheets.

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