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HIMMENY Jul 08, 1:46 PM

there are so many opportunities, this market is beautiful, One trade at a time, learn every day, trade the right patterns, thanks T

kcwonnersc Jul 10, 5:45 PM

I will take advantage of the opportunities

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sweetcortez Mar 07, 12:42 PM

Hi Tim, I’m kicking my butt, wanted to start trading🙂🙂🙂

D22 Mar 07, 5:52 PM

Thanks Lento-bean

Windwalzer Mar 13, 10:03 PM

Thank you Tim Lento, I enjoy learning from the charts. Watching how you look up the 3mo 1d the 5 or 10 day 1m. To understand gap up and gap downs, opens and closes. seeing a supernova, cliffs, consolidation, panics, and so much more.

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