Today, was a good day trading, swing trades worked out nicely, i was able to exit 1 and still holding on the other 2 for now since they both closed out good. I had a great day trade on GAXY , small gains of $99 but SGAU.. I was able to enter into TLSS ; OCGN (still holding o/n) ; $VYST(still holding o/n) . will be doing some researching tonight later on to see the aftermarket movers and Top % gainers. Looking for my potential moves for tom. swings. since i won;t have any Day trades available, ughhh!!! PDT sucks, but i understand it !!! Anyway, good day trading, stick to the rules, understand the patterns and write down the technical key levels, Entry point is a MUST be PRECISE for your trade to end successfully,. I noticed during my trading in July, that 40% of my losses could have easily been gains if i took the time to understand the charts Key levels, and execute the entry at the right moment in time. I have a new strategy that i am working on right now, that i think will be successful, however, it is a VERY difficult strategy to pull off, but if I find the right setup and technicals' for it to work, it could be a GREAT % profit winner!! Putting that engineering brain to work lol haha. hope everyone else had a great day! Till next time. Back to studying for me, Bootcamp mode! #profitlycrew

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$950 profit VYST Long Stock

Entry comments: I wanted a bigger panic but company just tweeted new prototype that should get it back to the .090s or .10s, smaller position though due to it not being a perfect panic

Exit comments: Nice little single here, but I won't overstay as the chart wasn't ideal, just worked due to company tweet which included their own ticker to hype themselves even more LOL

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Windwalzer Aug 07, 20 7:22 PM

When I get my account over the DPT I will be well educated on how to play these dip buys. Thank you. I will be prepared.

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$864 profit VYST Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial position on the news alert here producing air purifiers, goal is to sell i the .10s or .11s, we saw this news coming a mile away, i played wayyy too safe before

Exit comments: Solid little single here, big wall of sellers was at .095 so I'm guessing there'll be an even bigger wall at .10, too rich for my blood so just taking small gains to add to my solid daily total, congrats to all news peeps too

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RChen Aug 06, 20 10:22 PM

Thanks. Tim!

Windwalzer Aug 07, 20 6:12 PM

Did you exit at the spike or did you ride it through the dip to the top? Thank you. :)

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