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LegalPimp Jan 23, 18 1:12 AM

i feel you brother.... my biggest losses are normally after i have had my best gains.....something to be mindful of.....protect those gains

tappingtapp Jan 23, 18 2:45 AM

@LegalPimp your comment reminds me a of a quote by Connor McGregor "You sleep on a win and you'll wake up with a loss", I think its a good quote because it reminds me to stay humble every day in the market. I still have a long way to go but Its a good quote! :)

Aries Jan 23, 18 2:25 PM

Thanks folks!

LegalPimp Jan 24, 18 1:42 AM

funny you mention connor mcgreggor.....i am a huge mma fan and a certified referee for the state of iowa

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AngelTrades Feb 06, 17 5:15 PM

Thank you all! Very much! If things don't work out well I will revert back to paper trading!

Vash_Demo Feb 06, 17 9:12 PM

Congrats on making that big step. Best of luck to you!!

FirstRedDay Feb 07, 17 11:12 AM

I was using ETrade Pro, but I cancelled it, because they charge you $99 a month for the platform and it was eating up my account. But if you make more than 30 trades a month it's free and Etrade Pro has the chart out there in my opinion. I started using TOS and it's free. The commission are the same as Etrade.

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[TimAlerts] Bought SUNE 800 shares price 1.58 avg . sold at 2.35 2.4 2.45 2.5 2.55 2.6 2.65 I'm using robinhood so there's no commission... However I will switch to a regular broker later ... Can't do a/h sucks


[TimAlerts] only made $50 on UGAZ long from 3.89 to 4.01, going to work, Good luck all.

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