$1,245 profit DXTR Long Stock

Entry comments: This one is spiking again into the holiday weekend so I'm re-buying on a slight dip off the day high, my goal is to sell into a breakout over the day high, but remember .35-.37 has been resistance so be careful about going for home run...still good odds on a light volume holiday-type trading day on a Friday no less in this speculative market, my goal is .40 at best

Exit comments: IT broke the day high, but again it ran into a brick wall here just like last time, I'm not going to risk it as it doesn't look like we'll get a big ramp into the .40 range like I wanted, aim small, miss small during these holiday runners, I'll have a MUST WATCH video lesson this weekend to help prepare you for next week so stay tuned

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Javier1987 Jun 30, 17 4:26 PM

DXTR 1453 shares in 0.347 out 0.35595

DannoCaber Jun 30, 17 6:45 PM

Tim, today I want share good news, I took your techniques & applied it to NKE options Intra day. in at ,40 out at .55 but then it kept going so back in at .91 & it's run up to $1.49 but didn't get exit fill to bank more$ hopefully Mon will be out in am ramp up:-)

mydharma Jul 01, 17 2:28 PM

Thanks Tim. Looking forward to the video. Analyzing your trades and creating a spreadsheet with notes.

BigB Jul 02, 17 12:21 AM

Thanks Tim. Still studying and soaking as much info as I can.

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